Who are the Council of Governors?

Working alongside the Trust’s Board of Directors, the RD&E’s Council of Governors collectively holds the Directors to account and ensure that the interests of the Trust’s members are taken into account. RD&E Governors have shown great commitment in representing the views of local people and helping the RD&E to shape its plans for the future.

The RD&E’s Council of Governors (CoG) consists of 26 Governors:

  • 19 publically elected,
  • 5 elected staff, and
  • 2 appointed individuals from key organisations.

The Council of Governors has two key functions:

  • Holding the Non-Executive Directors to account, individually and collectively, for the performance of the Board of Directors; and the appointment of Non-Executive Directors and the Chair
  • Representing the broad interests and views of local people and feeding this in to the Trust’s Board. Likewise, reflecting back information about the Trust, its vision and performance to the communities that we serve.

This means discussing things like major new service developments, the annual report and accounts, and how members are being recruited and kept informed. They are also responsible for the appointment and remuneration of the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors of the Trust. Governors also meet with people in their local community or staff group, to help report back on what happens at Council of Governor meetings, and to listen to ideas and opinions from members of the public and staff.

The Council meets four times a year and in addition many Governors also participate in informal working groups:

  • CoG Coordinating Committee
  • CoG Effectiveness Working Group
  • Member and Public Engagement Working Group
  • Patient Safety & Quality Working Group

What the role is not
The RD&E is committed to listening to your views and experiences about the Trust, both good and bad. Your feedback helps us to continually improve the services we deliver. Governors play a key role in representing these views as a collective. They do not, however, represent individual cases. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your treatment or care please contact: Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) 01392 402093

Interested in the role?
We hold elections to the Council of Governors each year. If you would like to find out more about what’s involved take a look at our short film.

Notice of Election  Click on the link for further details

You can see the Notice of Poll here

For more information on the Governor role and the election process download our Information for Prospective Governors booklet.